Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Sewing kit 

God forbid the bride gets a tear in her wedding gown, but it if happens make sure you have white thread in your kit!

Clear nail polish
For chips in the nail polish and in case of a dreadful broken nail. You want the bride’s hands to look perfect when her charming groom slips on that shiny ring.

Baby powder 
Especially useful when it comes to summer weddings or outdoor beach weddings in a hot environment.

See above. If you didn´t forget to wear it, someone else definitely did. Make sure the nerves don’t make you sweat!

Bobby pins
For you and anyone else who might need them. Wedding hairstyles are often as elaborate as they are beautiful, so make sure you have these little lifesavers in your bag. 

Weddings can get emotional, and the last thing you need is runny makeup. Don’t forget to bring tissues for yourself and whoever else might shed some tears during the beautiful ceremony. 

Safety pins 
For loose dresses and tears. You never know when a dress will need a little maintenance. 

For while you’re waiting between the reception and the ceremony or in those long greeting lines. Not to mention in case the bride gets cravings because of the nerves! 

Stain remover
Great food and an open bar are fantastic, but they’re also an accident waiting to happen. If the bride slips up some white chalk is also good in case stain remover fails to save the day, since it can be used to cover up the nasty spot. 

Especially in outdoor weddings or summer weddings it’s good to have something to wipe away the sweat and prevent glossy skin or smeared makeup. 

Dental floss
Weddings are hot spots for picture taking, and the last thing you want is to show up in someone’s beautiful picture with food stuck between your teeth! 

Super glue
Broken heels, torn arrangements, or jewlwery that needs a quick fix, either way super glue is always good to have for any sort of emergency. 

Band Aids
A must have for any kind of emergency kit. Some other basics like aspirin and neosporin can also come in handy. 

Fashion tape
This handy, double-sided little strips of tape are excellent for slippery straps, loose dresses and even strapless gowns. 

If all else fails, have a drink. You deserve it.